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Empowering Exceptional People

Over 40 years ago, a few dedicated families sat down at a kitchen table with a deep and pressing need to find reliable, quality support for their children with developmental disabilities. Today Exceptional Family Resources still has a strong family focus – it’s in our name, it’s who we are, and it’s what we do. We partner with individuals with disabilities and their families to guide them through the difficult world of disability services. We’re here to help understand the changes that are always coming – from new rules and regulations to bigger, system-wide changes. We are in it with you.

Apply here for Project Explore Adult Camp and here for Project Explore Teen Camp.

Direct Support Professional Questionnaire

The NY Alliance for Inclusion and Innovation represents agencies such as EFR in Albany. They are trying to get information from Direct Support Professionals which will help them to advocate at the State level for better conditions and pay for DSPs. We encourage you to consider filling out this survey for them.


We’re launching our EFR Showcase with photos and stories from the great talents in our organization. If you have a photo and a story about someone’s talent, please send it to Melissa Elsbree at Learn more about our talented people here.

Recognizing Our DSPs


Currently no events.
Please check back often or follow us on Facebook for the latest updates.


At EFR, you have the power. You have choice, flexibility, and control over who you work with, when your services happen, what you do, and where. You tell us how best to support you, we make it happen. We empower exceptional people.

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Elijah joined us for the first time for fun and games at Get Air.


Ian takes care of all of the paper shredding at EFR with humor and a high five if you need one!

Ashley & Anna

Ashley and Anna became fast friends during Project Explore.

Scott & Bob

Scott and his DSP Bob have been together for many years and enjoy attending sporting events, including a trip to see the Yankees by bus.


Nick frequently performs in stage shows through Front Row Players. He has played a number of larger roles such as the Cowardly Lion in The Wizard of Oz and also starred as Shrek in Shrek: The Musical. Nick enjoys entertaining others with his uncanny impersonations and memorable movie quotes. He has an interest in becoming a voice actor in the future.

Robin & Susan

Robin and Susan have been together through our Friends Connection group for over 20 years and have shared many adventures and travels, including a trip to Ireland.


Alex has served as the MC for many events, including our Annual Picnic and heated EFR Jeopardy Games!

Meg & Addie

Adison was a big fan of Project Explore Dance Parties.


Rachel took on all of the high ropes elements at Orenda Springs-Fearless!

Addie and DSP Rachel

Addie and Rachel had a blast sampling all of the rides at Sea Breeze!

Marriela & Amaya

Marriela and Amaya love hanging out together each summer at Project Explore.

Delvin And Abby

Delvin works with his DSP Abby on his dream of becoming a successful author like Stephen King or Tyler Perry.   See Delvin tell his story here.

Heather and Ashley

Ashley really enjoys her time with Heather. Whether they are shopping at the mall to get away from the rain or enjoying the sunshine at the zoo, they both always have smiles on their faces.

Lanaya and Gabby

Lanaya is such a joy to be around. She is always smiling and happy to be working when she is with Gavi. She always encourages Gavi to complete her workout and praises her for doing so well. When they are not working on her exercise goals, they enjoy spending time out in the community.

Nat and Patty

Nat and Patty have been together since 2017. Nat and Patty have formed a close bond and spend about 30 hours a week together. They enjoy indoor swimming, bowling, bingo, shopping, visiting celebrations for crafts with EFR, and meal planning. Nat enjoys finding new meals to make with the confidence she feels with her DSP at her side. They enjoy planning meals for the whole week!

Cleo and Claire

Cleo is a Syracuse University graduate who has been a volunteer and fundraiser for The Relay for Life team.  His connection to Relay for Life is personal as he lost his mom when he was only 8 years old to breast cancer.  But with the help of Claire, Cleo graduated and hopes to use his degree in Sports Management to become a social media director for a college sports team.  Cleo tells his story here.

Hear Our Stories

Meet a few of the exceptional people of EFR. Select a photo to read our stories.

Work With Us

Exceptional Family Resources is a great place to be! We offer flexible hours and hourly wages, while you gain experience and develop your skills for a future profession in teaching others to be independent.
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