Control Your Own Services

Self-Direction enables you to design and oversee the services you receive. Here’s how it works:

Self-Direction (SD) allows you to plan and access your services through an annual budget that you create with your planning team.

The state determines how much money is in your budget. They do this by looking at an adaptive assessment of your abilities, your living situation, and your region. They then give you what is called a Personal Resource Allocation (PRA) which is the total amount of your budget.

You will need a Support Broker, who meets with you to develop your budget and services. You will identify a Planning Team, also known as a Circle of Support, which includes people who are important to you to help you with your planning. Your Broker and Team will assist you to design a budget and you create a plan to meet your needs. You also need to select an agency to act as a Fiscal Intermediary to bill services and pay out expenses included in your budget.

For people interested in staff supports, you choose the level of support you need for your services:

  • Self-Hire – You can opt to find and hire your own staff
  • Agency Supported – EFR assists you with hiring, supervising and managing staff
  • Direct Provider Purchased – You can “purchase” other support services such as Day Habilitation or Pathway to Employment from the agency of your choice

In addition to staffing, depending on your age and living situation, you may choose a variety of other services to be included in your budget. Examples include funding for memberships and classes, housing and living expenses for adults, Family Reimbursed Respite, and funding for transportation, to name just a few.

At this time, EFR is delivering all the services described above.

EFR is currently providing services to both the Broome and Central New York regions. We are also in the approval process to serve the Capital District, Taconic and Hudson Valley Regions.

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