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Delvin And Abby

Delvin works with his DSP Abby on his dream of becoming a successful author like Stephen King or Tyler Perry.   See Delvin tell his story here.

Cleo and Clare

Cleo is a Syracuse University graduate who has been a volunteer and fundraiser for The Relay for Life team.  His connection to Relay for Life is personal as he lost […]

Ben and Aaron

“When Aaron first began working with Ben, I watched, listened and was delighted with what was happening. Aaron respects Ben as an adult (not a child), and therefore treats Ben […]

Debbie G.

EFR is proud to congratulate employee Deb Gibson-Jaworski on the recent “Dorothy Day” Award she received from St. Lucy’s Church, along with her husband, Ron Jaworski. Dorothy Day once said […]

Missy S.

When Missy agreed to receive “tele-habilitation” services through EFR during the COVID-19 pandemic, she wasn’t really sure what to expect. She had been volunteering in her local community with her […]

Aaron A.

Aaron used his Self-Direction budget to get his own apartment, pursue his interests in photography and music, and is happy with what he has accomplished so far. He is proud […]