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Debbie G.

Debbie G.

EFR is proud to congratulate employee Deb Gibson-Jaworski on the recent “Dorothy Day” Award she received from St. Lucy’s Church, along with her husband, Ron Jaworski.

Dorothy Day once said “By fighting for the rights of workers, the poor, the destitute, the rights of the worthy and unworthy, we can change the world.”

Deb has indeed changed the world over her nearly 24 years of service at EFR. As the Coordinator of the Senior Caregivers Program, Deb has a unique role that addresses a specific need in our community. Deb works with families in which the caregiver is getting older and looking to plan future supports for their family member with a developmental disability.

Deb explains it best:
“Working with older caregivers has been a good match for me.   Dorothy Day was a champion for people who are poor and devalued.  In the spirit of her work, I have very much appreciated the opportunity to fight for quality services for and with people who have developmental disabilities.  I have especially enjoyed helping people in more challenging situations establish eligibility for DD services.  Many of the families who come to me for assistance have cared for their children or grandchildren for years and years with no help.  They often do not have and can no longer get old records; others have never fully understood their challenges or had a clear diagnosis of disability.  I can help with this.”   

Help she has done! Deb has helped shape the future of hundreds of family members in Central New York who can transition into the next phase of life, armed with knowledge and additional supports for their children.

EFR considers it an honor and a privilege that Debbie continues to share her expertise and considerable skills with our community.