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Information and Referral

OPWDD, DDRO, DD, SD, waiver, eligibility … All of those acronyms and terms! What do they all mean?We help you navigate the Developmental Disability and Special Education Systems by giving you resources and information to help figure it out, understand your rights and learn what’s available to you.

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Our Resource Manual is a great place to get started learning about the services available in Onondaga and surrounding counties. It’s updated and republished every two years. Download it for free.

Family Education and Training (FET)

We offer several workshops each year on a variety of topics to help families understand their options and make informed decisions about services and supports.

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Senior Caregivers Program

We work with family members over the age of 55 who are caring for and living with a person who has a developmental disability. EFR assists the caregiver to secure appropriate services and make plans for the future.

Contact Heather Hodge Tepolt at hhodgtepolt@contactefr.org

Family-Directed Supports

This service provides reimbursement of respite and/or goods and services up to a designated annual amount, as long as funds are available. The family directs the timing of the payments by sending in vouchers, receipts, or requests for subsidies through an application process.

Contact Karen Adams at kadams@contactefr.org