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Ben and Aaron

“When Aaron first began working with Ben, I watched, listened and was delighted with what was happening. Aaron respects Ben as an adult (not a child), and therefore treats Ben with dignity. He supports Ben to regain some of the confidence in himself that he has lost over the past years. He does this by supporting Ben’s efforts and assisting when needed so that Ben experiences success and confidence, not dependency. Over the course of this past year, Aaron and Ben have developed a true friendship. It is what I have always wanted for Ben.

Aaron has taken the time to get to know Ben, instead of rushing in with his own agenda of ‘how things should be done.’ Even more meaningful, Aaron understands that Ben takes his time to do things, so Aaron doesn’t rush him or become impatient with him. Aaron may suggest something, or encourage Ben to try a different way, but missing in this is any notion of impatience or lowered expectations. Aaron expects Ben to rise to the occasion, and Ben recognizes this.Speaking for myself, I sincerely appreciate Aaron’s demeanor with Ben.

I sincerely hope that Aaron and Ben remain life long friends. Of course, I hope too, that Aaron will continue to work for Ben well into our collective futures. I enjoy his presence and am absolutely confident Ben is in good hands when Aaron is here. He gives Ben freedom to make his own decisions while monitoring what is going on. He is, in my book and I think Ben feels this way too, truly a GOOD man.” -Excerpt from a letter sent to EFR on 9/17/20 from Sue Lehr