Individualized Support Staff


You’re there to support someone to become the person they want to be, whether it’s supporting someone to find meaningful work, learn to cook, or attend an art class. You are the person who helps turn a plan into reality.

You have choice and flexibility over your schedule, where you work, and who you work with. You aren’t just assigned to work with someone – we actually work with you and the people we serve to make sure it’s a good fit – one that works for you both.

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We want you to be the best employee you can be – to be happy in the work you do and have opportunities to grow within the agency.

  • Opportunities for continuing education and training opportunities like remitted tuition and voluntary training at the agency.
  • Opportunities to connect with other DSPs and get together while working in the community.
  • Benefits available for employees who work over 20 hours per week
  • Paid time off
  • Retirement match
  • Flexible spending account
  • Additional health insurance benefits start at 30 hours or more per week

Self-Direction VS Agency Supported Services

Exceptional Family Resources (EFR) provides a wide variety of services. At EFR DSPs can work in Agency Services, Self-Direction Services or both. Below is an outline of some of the key differences between the programs.

Agency Services   Respite DSP Community Habilitation DSP Employment Specialist DSP  Self-Direction Services   Self-Hired Respite DSP Self-Hired Community Habilitation DSP Salaries can vary  – set by family
DSPs are supervised by an EFR staff supervisor. ($17-19)DSPs are directly supervised by the individual or their family/guardian. The individual’s Support Broker and Fiscal Intermediary provide additional support as needed.
Initial and annual evaluations are completed by the individual and EFR supervisor.Initial and annual evaluations are completed by the individual or their family/guardian.
Pay rates are set by EFR based on state billing requirements.Pay rates are set by the individual served within state billing requirements and the individual budget. **Typically, but not always, Self-Direction pay rates are higher than Agency Service pay rates.
May be eligible for pay raises based on agency services and state funding.Pay raises are based on the individual’s budget and determined by the person.
Agency bonuses are sometimes provided when funding allows, based on the DSP’s service hours.Bonuses are not available to Self-Hired staff, as the Medicaid rules for Self-Direction do not allow bonus pay.