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Self Direction- Direct Support Professionals

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Agency Direct Support Professional (DSP):  These positions are supported by a trained EFR agency supervisor. Pay rates are set by the agency with a pay scale. These DSPs provide Community Habilitation or Waiver Respite for individuals and families in the community. Community Habilitation pays a higher rate than respite and is working 1:1 in the community or at their home to develop skills, take classes, or just get involved in community activities. Respite is working 1:1, usually in the person’s home, and is considered a support for the family. DSPs are reimbursed for mileage and some programs reimburse activity fees when DSP supports someone to participate in community activity. 

Self-Direction Direct Support Professional (DSP):  These positions provide Community Habilitation and Respite, just like the agency DSP. The difference is that the individual you support and/or their family is the supervisor in partnership with the agency. The individual and family set the pay rate based on an annual budget amount approved by the state. This means pay rates are different for different individual situations. DSPs are paid mileage. 

Summer Camp and Events Staff: Summer Camp and Events Staff support programs such as Project Explore (summer camp), Friends Connection (group events), Parents Night Out, and other Recreation Events as they come up. These are great jobs for persons looking for summertime employment or occasional extra money supporting fun events. (link to applicant pro)  Summer Camp and Events Staff.

Employment Direct Support Professionals:  Includes a variety of positions that support persons in preparing to find employment, applying and interviewing, and support on job sites as needed. At EFR we support individuals to find real, competitive employment, not workshops so the job involves interacting with a variety of employers. Staff includes supervisors, coordinators, employment specialists, and employment DSPs. Staff are reimbursed for mileage.

Support Brokers:  Support Brokers are pivotal for individuals and families looking to direct their own services. This is a professional position, assisting persons to develop and utilize an annual Person Resource Account (PRA) to acquire all their HCBS services and supports. The position includes developing relationships with persons and families, helping persons to consider care options, managing a budget template, and applying for budget amendments as needs change. Support Brokers interact and help train staff members Self-Hired by persons and families to provide Community Habilitation, Respite, and sometimes employment services. If you would like to learn more before applying, you can call the EFR contact on the job ad. We would be happy to talk to you about this. 

Office Staff and Management:  These positions include administrators, managers, supervisors, administrative assistants, HR, QA, Finance, etc.