Personnel Directory

To contact any individual, call our main phone number (315) 478-1462 and ask for the corresponding extension number, or click on the corresponding email to directly contact him or her.

Karen Adams

Resource Specialist/Medicaid Service Coordinator/Family Education and Training Coordinator

Phone Extension: 337 Email: kadams@contactefr.org

Lauren Johnson Albaroni

Assistant Executive Director and Corporate Compliance Officer

Phone Extension: 331
Email: lalbaroni@contactefr.org

Dawn Bacich

Office Assistant

Phone Extension: None
Email: dbacich@contactefr.org

Mary Lou Ball

Habilitation Services Supervisor

Phone Extension: 368
Email: mball@contactefr.org

Rachel Benton

Habilitation Services Supervisor

Phone Extension: 304
Email: rbenton@contactefr.org

Lisa Bersani

Human Resources Generalist

Phone Extension: 376
Email: lbersani@contactefr.org

Maureen Bolon

Quality Improvement Manager

Phone Extension: 367
Email: mbolon@contactefr.org

Jill Bond

Respite Supervisor

Phone Extension: 322
Email: jbond@contactefr.org

Jessica Borawski

Senior Habilitation Services Supervisor (Adults)

Phone Extension: 372
Email: jborawski@contactefr.org

Jean Brown

Human Resources Manager

Phone Extension: 312
Email: jbrown@contactefr.org

Liz Brown

Habilitation Services Supervisor/ Broker

Phone Extension: 354
Email: lbrown@contactefr.org

Kristina Bryant


Phone Extension: 370
Email: kbryant@contactefr.org

Kristy Casale

Habilitation Services Supervisor

Phone Extension: 371 Email: kcasale@contactefr.org

Kimberly Chappell

Chief Financial Officer

Phone Extension: 325 Email: kchappell@contactefr.org

Charles Chambers

Habilitation Services Supervisor

Phone Extension: 377
Email: cchambers@contactefr.org

Community Room

Phone Extension: 363

Sue Corcoran

Accounting Technician

Phone Extension: 362
Email: scorcoran@contactefr.org

Glenda Criss

Community Habilitation Services Manager

Phone Extension: 341
Email: gcriss@contactefr.org

Carolyn Davia


Phone Extension: 329
Email: cdavia@contactefr.org

Kelly Diemond

Director of Self-Directed Services/Agency Development Officer

Phone Extension: 314
Email: kdiemond@contactefr.org

Sharon Douthit

Medicaid Service Coordination Supervisor

Phone Extension: 345 Email: sdouthit@contactefr.org

Irene Fiesinger

Respite and Recreation Manager/Broker

Phone Extension: 334
Email: ifiesinger@contactefr.org

Yolanda Finch

Medicaid Service Coordinator

Phone Extension: 324
Email: yfinch@contactefr.org

Sharon Flanagan

Medicaid Service Coordinator

Phone Extension: 381
Email: sflanagan@contactefr.org

Jennifer Folsom

Habilitation Services Supervisor

Phone Extension: 350
Email: jfolsom@contactefr.org

Debbie Gibson-Jaworski

Senior Caregiver Program Coordinator

Phone Extension: 332
Email: dgibsonjaworski@contactefr.org

Beth Herron

Senior Habilitation Services Supervisor (Payroll/Quality)

Phone Extension: 321
Email: bherron@contactefr.org

Heather Hodge Tepolt

Training Manager

Ext. 369
Email: hhodgetepolt@contactefr.org

Friederike Hubert

Senior Habilitation Services Supervisor/ Broker (Youth)

Phone Extension: 333
Email: fhubert@contactefr.org

Todd Hunter

Accounting Assistant

Phone Extension: 375
Email: thunter@contactefr.org

Shanté Jones

Habilitation Services Supervisor (Payroll/Quality)

Phone Extension: 351
Email: sjones@contactefr.org

Heather Kerr

Respite Supervisor

Phone Extension: 319
Email: hkerr@contactefr.org

Bobbi Kochman

Habilitation Services Assistant

Phone Extension: 328
Email: bkochman@contactefr.org

Tonya Lang

Data Entry Assistant

Phone Extension: 366
Email: tlang@contactefr.org

Debra Leroy Elliott

Habilitation Services Supervisor

Phone Extension: 347
Email: dleroyelliott@contactefr.org

Abbey Lighton

Medicaid Service Coordinator

Phone Extension: 364
Email: alighton@contactefr.org

Kurstina Lindsay

Admin. Assistant , FDS Coordinator

Phone Extension: 300
Email: klindsay@contactefr.org

Heather Lott

Vocational Services Manager

Phone Extension: 562
Email: hlott@contactefr.org

Christopher Meeks

Habilitation Services Supervisor

Phone Extension: 374
Email: cmeeks@contactefr.org

Celia Pannell-Briggs

Habilitation Services Supervisor

Phone Extension: 378
Email: cpannell-briggs@contactefr.org

Laurie Penney McGee

Self-Directed Services Manager

Phone Extension: 365
Email: lpenneymcgee@contactefr.org

Liz Phillips

Medicaid Service Coordinator

Phone Extension: 315
Email: ephillips@contactefr.org

Corinne Posner

Medicaid Services Coordinator Supervisor

Phone Extension: 318
Email: cposner@contactefr.org

Blake Propst

Community Inclusion Supervisor

Phone Extension: 335
Email: bpropst@contactefr.org

Jennifer Quinn

Habilitation Services Supervisor

Phone Extension: 327
Email: jquinn@contactefr.org

Corinne Reid


Phone Extension: 317
Email: creid@contactefr.org

Sharon Salvo

First Step Coordinator/Broker

Phone Extension: 382
Email: ssalvo@contactefr.org

Sommer Shafer

Staffing Coordinator

Phone Extension: 357
Email: sshafer@contactefr.org

Kim Suboski

Habilitation Services Supervisor

Phone Extension: 340
Email: ksuboski@contactefr.org

Lisa Suphan

Quality Improvement Coordinator

Phone Extension: 320 Email: lsuphan@contactefr.org

Robyn Tetrault

Respite Supervisor

Phone Extension: 385
Email: rtetrault@contactefr.org

Jason Troudale

Habilitation Services Supervisor/Broker

Phone Extension: 361
Email: jtrousdale@contactefr.org

Sue Wegman

Compliance Coordinator

Phone Extension: 336
Email: swegman@contactefr.org

Heidi Wei

Accounting Manager

Phone Extension: 310
Email: hwei@contactefr.org

Cassandra Williams

Respite Supervisor

Phone Extension: 360
Email: cwilliams@contactefr.org

Anne Winschel

Service Support Specialist

Phone Extension: 323
Email: awinschel@contactefr.org

David Wissink

Executive Director

Phone Extension: 313
Email: dwissink@contactefr.org

Donna Woolschlager

Medicaid Service Coordinator

Phone Extension: 380
Email: dwoolschlager@contactefr.org