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Jeffrey Johnson – Artist, Author, and Vocalist

Jeffrey Johnson

Jeffrey grew up in Seneca Falls NY. He lived there from birth, until 2007 when he moved to Syracuse to live with his brother, Iver, and sister-in-law. Like his brother, Jeffrey likes to draw and started making art long ago.  He mainly uses markers, pencils, and watercolors to create animals and people, his favorite subjects. Jeffrey is inspired by working with a group of other artists. He is also motivated by people’s reactions to his books. Jeffrey is self-published. His first two books were black and white drawings; The Happy Rabbit, and People in Restaurants. Sunny Skies and I Love Yous were both in color, highlighting his watercolors.  Currently, he has started his 5th book. Jeffrey loves the connections his artwork brings into his life.

   Jeffrey spends most days at his day hab where he is delighted to be part of Midler Melodies, a singing group that performs several times during the year. Other hobbies include bowling, shooting baskets, jigsaw puzzles, live concerts (with a wide range of music), riding his exercise bike, watching birds, and a favorite, eating out. Although Jeffrey doesn’t have a favorite artist he loves to go to art shows and museums where he enjoys a variety of art styles.

     Jeffrey has sold some of his work, often donates his books, and asks his viewers to consider donating to his favorite charities. His audience can view his art at local exhibitions.