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Tomas Fredenburg Artwork

Tomas Fredenburg

Tomas Fredenburg
Spray-Painted Dragon on Canvas, 2022

Tomas Fredenburg, 31, of Fulton, works in spray paint, colored pencils, and markers as his primary medium of choice. He paints and draws whatever inspires him at the time.  He started drawing when he was very young and became more involved in art once he took classes in high school. Tomas is self-taught in spray paint; he learned by studying artists on YouTube. Tomas actively works on art projects several times a month, when he can get the supplies needed for his vision.

In his spare time, he likes to play video games, enjoys a variety of movies, and he explores other mediums. In the past, he has built miniatures of a stove, toilet, and sink out of Legos. He has also tried working in clay, constructing dragons and replicas of bears off of the show “We Bare Bear” on The Cartoon Network.

If you are interested in purchasing any of Tomas’s artwork contact (315) 236-0079.