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Taylor Donovan

Taylor Donovan is a 23 year old woman from Cicero. A fan of  Vincent Van Gogh’s “Starry Night,” Taylor has been in art club since 2019. She enjoys creating art through classes at Arise and experimenting with mediums, such as acrylic, pastels, and diamond art.

Her focus has been concentrated on diamond art lately; she works on them daily and whenever she gets an opportunity.  Her advice to anyone trying out diamond art for the first time is to not start assembling the diamonds in the middle of the pictures but to start on the edges to avoid getting stuck on the paper. She says that diamond art has really helped her focus and is fun to do. For anyone looking to get involved with diamond art, you can find them online.

Taylor has compiled a total of 14 Diamond pieces consisting of Disney themes and landscapes which she likes to hang up in her room on her bulletin board.  On special occasions, such as her birthday and Christmas, she will request them and is overjoyed when she gets them as gifts.