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Daniel K.

As a family, we are very grateful to EFR for the Parents’ Night Out program. There were more than a few years where Parent’s Night Out was the only opportunity my wife and I had to have dinner together – like a date at a real restaurant, with no kids! It was hard to find sitters for sometimes-challenging kids, but EFR came through.

My girls especially loved it. The EFR staff make every effort to get to know the kids, to encourage all the kids to get to know each other, and they engage the kids in constructive, real, and fun activities like crafts, bounce house, water park, etc. It has always been well-staffed, giving ample attention to everyone that needs it in the way they need.

My girls clearly felt comfortable at these events as they left smiling, happy, and usually tired enough to go right to sleep when they got home (another plus for us parents).

My youngest child is still young enough to attend Parents’ Night out and even though as parents we have more options now for sitters and to get out, we plan on having our daughter continue to go to Parents’ Night Out. That is because it continues to be a place where my daughter can go where she feels like she belongs.